This is a small page dedicated to my first ever anime waifu who is not merely a crush. This page shall be a shrine to my long love for her.


Who is Yagami Hikari?

The character page on MyAnimelist has already done major part of the job for me:

Hikari Yagami (八神 ヒカリ) is the younger sister of Taichi. She first appeared in Digimon 01. Later on in Digimon 02 and Digimon Tri.

I do have my own interpretation of her character that feels "right" and that defines her as my waifu. For me, she is a really sweet innocent girl. Furthermore, Her naivety and overall shyness make her even more cute. However, if she needs to show strength, she can get really serious.

How were you before meeting Hikari?

It was the year 2001. Back then, I was a sixth grader facing an important national elementary school examination. My homeroom teacher was exceptionally strict and expected the best result from my class. I’d just say: young me was not prepared for such a high level of expectation and many times came into conflict with the teacher. I was subject to various scolding and even corporal punishments. Classes involving that teacher were not pleasant and the homework assigned seemed too much of a burden. Hence, I was really unhappy back then and I seek escapism whenever I could.

There were no Internet connection at my home back then. TV and Encyclopaedia Britannica books were my escape from gritty chores and burdensome homework. Every week, I looked forward to cartoon or anime shows, especially weekend morning and evening shows. I remember CSS on Saturday mornings and Pokemon on weekend evenings. At this time I’m crushing on Sakura Kinomoto and Misty, but they were merely a fascinations of a boy, in single-ed school, approaching puberty. These were nothing more than a boy being fond of the designs of these characters. Not true love.

Then, around February, a new show came on air: Digimon. I had come across Digimon toys in 4th grade before I knew anything about the series. So when Digimon aired, oh boy I really enjoyed it. The transformation of the mons were fabulous at that time – I mean 3D CGI seemed awesome back then. It provided me some sort of reprieve from the stress of school and I tried to catch it every Sundays.

On an unrelated but worth mentioning event. I got my first family PC, Win ME circa June/ July. No PC games yet except for default windows games. Also, I had a temporary but intense crush on Dr Aki Ross from all the FF Spirit Within trailers on TV. She quickly waned into a platonic object of infatuation after I had seen the love scene in the film. Good material for a boy in puberty.

How did we meet?

August 2001. I was in the midst of mock exams and intense revision sessions in preparation for the exams that would begin in the first week of September. I watched the 27th episode about them Digidestined children searching for the 8th child. I was intrigued by this search for this unknown 8th child and curiously wondered who could it be. Just imagine my surprise when the ED theme changed that episode. In hindsight, the ending was a huge spoiler but hey I got the first glimpse of that young girl who would change me forever. This was why Keep On song always reminded me of her.

Episode 32 came about I'm not sure if it was in August or September. I really enjoyed how Hikari-chan was chasing after her cat and I started to like how cute she was. I found her to be a kind person, by the manner in which she interacted with Tailmon - they were strangers in that episode. I saw that scene where Tailmon was about to kill the 8th child. An intense desire to protect her rose up from deep within me. Luckily, she then turned to Tailmon, giving it her most disarming, cheerful and cutest smile. That saved her. Still it was the cutest moment ever. I did not realise it at that time but a small seed has embedded itself into my soul. I was growing fond of her.

When I rewatched that episode, the narrator ended with something that went like:

At that time, little did Tailmon know. This girl Yagami Hikari would soon mean a lot to Tailmon.
Surely, the same could be said of me.

It was September and after three days of nerve-wracking papers. I ended the week pleasantly surprised that my grandfather had installed a new satellite television set at his home. Imagine a huge parabolic dish 3 meters in diameter in the back yard. Suddenly, there were thousands of foreign TV channels that I could watch - also my first encounter with pron had been through this system but that's not relevant. There was this channel from a neighbouring country that had anime shows on Sundays as well. I figured I could try and watch some before Digimon which aired at 10 am.

So I woke up early on 9 September. The week after the exam had been a huge relief so I figured I want to spend the entire Sunday morning watching cartoons and anime. Then, I saw it. About 9:30 am local time or 8:30 foreign tv time. Digimon Season 2. The opening was dubbed but I liked it and then I saw her. Yagami Hikari slightly older version. She was beautiful and I fell in love, I wish I can say love at first sight but I had already seen her albeit the younger version. It was the beginning a long, LONG relationship.

This period was especially vivid for me because of the intensity of that particular period:

I wanted to find the exact date that I first seen her but I couldn't pinpoint a date. Since it was her appearance in 02 that pushed me into the deep valley of love, I picked 9/9 as our anniversary.

How did your waifu changed you?

She was the trigger that brought me right into anime and even Japanese culture in general.

I began learning how read and write the Kana. But you might ask

How would a twelve year old boy learn Japanese writing system without the Internet

This was how:

In a place without the Internet, those volumes were back then my personal Wikipedia. It was an outdated edition but still useful for lasting matter of knowledge like the Japanese system of writing and grammar.

Anyways, that was how deep into the rabbit hole I had gone to. It also helped that the Japanese drama Shomuni was airing at that time on the local TV. I also started tuning in to some Japanese radio station using SW radio. It was a shame that grandpa's sat TV could not tune into Japanese TV channels. Nevertheless, the neighbouring country channels had tons of fun anime to watch, only that it was dubbed in the their language but I can still understand it. It was my personal golden age of anime back then. Nowadays, public broadcasting regulations suck up all the fun. Luckily, now there's the internet.

And with the Internet, I came to know about the waifu culture. I apologised to Hikari-chan every time I suffer infatuations with interesting anime girls. But they'll never replace Hikari-chan. These other anime characters ended up being FRENDOs, IMOUTOs, NEE-CHANs or DAUGHTERUs, and I can have as many of them as I want.

However, there shall only be ONE WAIFU, MAI WAIFU ~ HIKARI-CHAN!


As I said, those would be anime, manga or game characters I have found interesting.

Hey, some of these characters could be your WAIFUS! These listed changes over time, unlike Hikari-chan who remains eternally MAI WAIFU.

FRENDO list:









My love for you shall be eternalized. I LOVE YOU SO BADLY!

You will always be NUMBER ONE! And Takeru and Daisuke are totally friendzoned by mai waifu...

Will proofread and rewrite. I want to be less wordy and more concise!